Chapter 1 Preamble

Who is this wiki for?

There is a long list of Python and Github workflow tutorials. There are so many Machine Learning Tutorials too. However, there is no one easy to follow Machine Learning-ML Cloud Service-Local Development-Benchmarking Workflow. I am going to talk about three Free services which any person can use with basic internet access - Google Colaboratory (for ML Cloud Service), VS Code (Local ML Development) and Weights and Biases (for benchmarking). TL;DR- This is a process guide for deploying your ML models as a researcher!

What won’t you learn?

How to code in Python or develop Machine Leaning Models or learn Pytorch.

What will you learn?

  • How to contribute code to a well-structured projects
  • Work with multiple Google Colaboratory Notebooks
  • Create easy Python Documentation
  • Scale up as your project and team grows in complexity and size
  • Benchmark and Project Tracking