I am currently pursuing my Ph.D. (fourth year) in Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE) at Purdue University (with Prof. Xiaojun Lin). I am interested in Machine Learning (privacy and security) and Wireless Communications. More specifically, I work on designing private algorithms using Differential Privacy.

Currently, I work as a Graduate Research Assistant in the SuperPower Research Group, where we design systems to determine the effects of parameters on statistical power. More details can be found on the the Projects tab.

Previously, I have been a Graduate Teaching Assistant in the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department at Purdue. I have mentored students and undergraduate TAs for ECE20002 (Electrical Engineering Fundamentals) and ECE27000 (Introduction to Digital System Design).

In 2014 I graduated from IIT Hyderabad with my Electrical engineering bachelors (with Honors) degree. Previously, I have interned at the Esaki Lab in the University of Tokyo (with Prof. Hideya Ochiai and Prof. Hiroshi Esaki) and at the Networked Wireless Systems (NeWS) Laboratory in IIT Hyderabad (with Bheemarjuna Reddy and Antony Franklin).

In my free time I blog, participate in entrepreneurship activities at Startup Purdue and practice rowing.