Here are a few exploratory items that I do in my free time. Most of these activities involve some sort of NLP technology. If you wish to contribute, you can contact me but I will have a contribution page up and running soon.


  • April 2022: All the NLP resources that I use can be found on this Google Sheet.


  • April 2022: Developing the first of its kind, AI and specifically NLP driven Co-Founder Matching Platform specifically for Purdue Students. Highly inspired by the YCombinator Co-Founder Matching Platform (a true pioneer!). For details check out this link.

  • April 2022: Started Reading the O’Reilly book Natural Language Processing with PyTorch by Delip Rao, Brian McMahan. Most college students in the US get access to this book and O’Reilly for free via their college library!

  • April 2022: As someone who comes from a wireless networks background, transitioning from networks to machine learning was particularly challenging. Now, I am learning another new technology, Natural Language Processing (NLP). I will write about my motivation to study NLP in another blog. For me personally, NLP is important to enable efficient behavioral healthcare that reaches the masses and bringing in the opportunity to collaborate to everyone. You can follow along my NLP journey at this twitter account: @101DaysOfNLP.

  • April 2022: Started the development page. Finally!!